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Since its conception in the year 1945 under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Vaux (1942 1962)., Pathology department is providing the required pathological support for the right diagnosis of the patients. The department has highly trained personnel in the field of Nephropathology, GI Pathology, Oncology, Neuropathology and Cytology and in Hemolytic Anemia and bleeding disorder.

The department has a wide range of Pathology Museum specimens some of which date back to sixties! Dr. HLE Greuber performed many Adult Post Mortems per year during his tenure and was instrumental in collecting some of these specimens.

The Pathology Department is adequately staffed and currently it has four Professors, one reader and three lecturers. The technical staff is also dedicated and qualified.


At CMCH, department of pathology is subdivided under the following sections


Haematology Section

The section is fully computerized to do

  •  Routine blood tests

  • Coagulation test

  • Haemolytic test

  • Bone Marrow aspiration and reporting.

The department gets referrals from the local, neighbouring cities and mission hospitals.Our hematology lab is the only lab of Ludhiana qualified to diagnose case of Hemophilia, DIC and rare cases of Leukemia. We routinely carryout Immunophenotyping of acute leukemia, facilities setup with the help of British Hematologist Dr. R.P. Brit. Under the ICMR project, CMCH is the center for Thalassemia screening also.


Cytology Section

It does the Fine Needle aspiration cytology along with fluid cytology and cervical PAP staining.


Clinical Pathology

It does the urine, stool and semen examination.


Cmc Ludhiana

In this section-

Teaching Programme
Thalassemia Project