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A stoma is a surgically created opening onto the surface of the abdomen that allows faces or urine to drain into a bag or other ostomy appliance. Stomas are formed when patients develop inflammatory bowel disease, bowel or rectal cancer, bowel obstruction or perforation. They are sometimes used in the management of incontinence.

Christian Medical College and Hospital has set up a special clinic called Stoma Clinic which exclusively takes care of patients with stomas irrespective of whether the surgery is done in CMC or elsewhere.

A specialist nurse from the Christian Medical College is working full time in this specialty and this clinic offers care and support for people who need assistance with their stoma. Another nurse is being trained for the same. The stoma clinic is affiliated to Indian Stoma Association and provides service to people from all over North India.

Stoma Therapy services include:

  • Education and counselling for patients and family members that have had, or are about to have surgery that may require a stoma.
  • Support and education for people during their hospital stay.
  • Discharge planning to ensure patients can manage their stomas independently.
  • Assist colorectal and other surgeons in outpatient clinics.
  • Provide the appropriate stoma bags and appliances for the patients. The bags and appliances are stored in the clinic.
  • Education for hospital staff in stoma care

Location: 4th Floor of the New OPD block in the specialty wing.

For general enquires about stoma care:

Stoma Therapist -

Ph: 0161 9943171-81. Extension 5580
Pager: 0161 643170 and ask for pager 0776

Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 4.30 pm, Saturday 8 Am to 1 Pm

After hours: Pager 



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