Medical Superintendent Office

MEDICAL-SUPERINTENDENTSThe Medical Superintendent’s office looks after the various aspects of the medical services provided in the hospital and is headed by the medical superintendent who is an appointee of the governing body of the Christian Medical College & Hospital for a 5 year term and reports to the director. The office plans the clinical programmes with the help of faculty and the staff and is responsible for their execution.

The medical superintendent’s office also looks after the patient care and welfare of the patient as well as their relatives. Concessions are granted by this office to poor and needy patients from various charity funds after their assessment by assessment officers and through the medical and social welfare department.

sVarious surveillance programmes being run by the centre and state governments are looked after with the help of hospital staff and the reports of the same are submitted to the district / state medical authorities. Appropriate statistics and records are prepared and maintained. It provides medico-legal services and is responsible for supplying all the related documents by patients for perusal of their cases. In endeavours to reach out to the masses to create awareness about various medical issues and to offer effective health care, outreach programmes with the help of NGOs especially in rural areas, comprehensive medical camps are planned.

Pre-residents, residents and senior residents in different departments are appointed through this office. Policies for the welfare of staff under the jurisdiction of the Medical Superintendent’s office are prepared and executed. The Medical Superintendent acts as the chairman of the medical services council, operation theater committee, pharmacy committee, infection control committee and medical board which meet regularly to discuss the issues covered under the relevant areas. In addition to the above, this office is also responsible for any other duties assigned by the director.

 Medical Superintendents

1957 – 1965 :: Dr. Ram Singh
1966 – 1969 :: Dr. Stanley Bell
1970 – 1971 :: Dr. F.C. Eggleston
1971 – 1978 :: Dr. F.N. Prior
1979 – 1981 :: Dr. E.R. Chander
1982 – 1983 :: Dr. M.C. Deodhar
1983 – 1994 :: Dr. Richard Daniel
1994 – 1996 :: Dr. Basant Pawar
1996 – 1999 :: Dr. Kim Mammen
2002 – 2007 :: Dr. John Abraham
2008 – Date :: Dr. Kanwal Masih
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