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Department — DieteticsOverview

pic1 copy Dietetics is a field specializing in therapeutic and clinical nutrition. Dieticians are trained professionals who have become inevitable part of the medical treatment in today’s era where there is a wide range of diseases and disease related problems being discovered every day.

Department of Dietetics was established in 50s. Mrs. Gwen Forbat and Ms. Maxine Burch were the pioneer dieticians who gave shape to the department. During that time very few patients were availing the facilities of the department. Teaching to medical students and nursing students was a part of the dietician’s responsibility from the very beginning. Department of Dietetics, at Christian Medical College & Hospital was the only food service department in Northern India till late 90s.

During the tenure of Ms. Ruth Pershadi and Mrs. Prem Kaul more patients started availing the facilities. Staff and student canteen services (one time snacks only) was introduced apart from official caterings. After the retirement of Dr. Molly Joshi in June 2007 Mrs. Ruma Singh is the Chief Dietician. Since 1986 Mrs. Ruma Singh has been working at different levels. Ms. Dilpreet Grewal, Ms. Arshi Mangat, Mrs.Ruchi Dhundia , Ms. Rashmi Jyotsna and Ms. Tanu Singh are working as deputy dieticians. Considering the tremendous increase in the workload the number of dieticians has been increased which was necessary for better patient care. Mrs. Elizabeth James is working as a Clerk. The department has a total of 37 workers at lower levels, holding different posts.

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