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Department — Clinical BiochemistryOverview

The Department of Biochemistry is now over 27 years old. During this time it has made rapid progress both in technology and academics to meet the growing needs of clinicians, patients and students. Routine and special biochemical investigations are carried out in the clinical biochemistry laboratory where emergency services are available 24 hrs. a day and seven days a week. A large number of special investigations on hormones, drugs and fertility panel Thalasemia and Diabetes are also carried out by Chemilumiscence, ELISA and RIA. On the academic side regular teaching and training of MBBS, BDS Nursing, DMLT and BMLT. The department has a recognized seat by MCI for M.D. in Biochemistry. A number of research projects for M.D./M.S. students as well as for ICMR projects for both undergraduate, postgraduate students and interdepartmental projects are taken up every year.

24/7 Emergency : +91-98148-29301