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anIn 1894 the North Indian School of Medicine for Christian Women was opened with 4 medical students and two dispensers by Dame Edith Brown. Three doctors including Dame Edith Brown taught all subjects including anatomy. There is a reference in the book “Miss Brown’s Hospital” by Francesca French to Miss. Allen and Miss. Caldwell having taught osteology. In 1906 Arthington Fund Trustees gave ?500 for the anatomy laboratory.

In 1911 the name of the school was changed to “The Women’s Christian Medical College”. In the book “Sister India” by M.Edith Craske it is mentioned that the first and second year medicals spent their mornings over anatomy. By 1930 the number of students trained increased to 250 including 98 medicals.

In 1953 once again the name of the College was changed into “Christian Medical College” when the men were inducted into the medical course. The first western lady who headed the department was Prof. Dr.L.Cooke. One of her students, Prof. Sukendumohan Mookerjee who went on to head the department of physiology, writes how with her “piercing stare she could freeze the chirping students in the Dissection Hall into total tombstone silence” and he adds that the department maintained “dining hall cleanliness” that often the students had their breakfast in the Dissection Hall The last western Prof. and Head was Dr. G.N. Constable. The first Indian Prof. and head was Dr. J.C. Saha.

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